Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What the US Army thinks of Vietnam Veterans

One of our members Dr. Robert Kamansky had a meeting at the Department of Defense.
While in the waiting area, where all services have a booth set up for public information.

He went into the Army booth which had sections devoted to all wars the US fought in.
Under the Vietnam area was a statement that is a slap in the face of every veteran
who served during the Vietnam era.

"During the Vietnam War many units fought well but not superbly. Following the Vietnam
War the Army took steps to improve professionalism in the Army. As a result the units
in the Gulf War all fought superbly."

To say that the Vietnam military was an less professional than today's military is beyond
comprehension. To dishonor the service of all the brave, dedicate, honorable men and women is unconscionable and a disgrace to our country.

Once again we as Cold War Veterans, and Vietnam era veterans in particular are being told we are not veterans, our service does not count.

How dare the US Army denigrate the service of anyone.

It was bad enough that the public treated these men and women as outcasts. When they
returned home many were spit upon, called "baby killers" and worse.

The morale of those serving during that period may have been low, but they were professional. They served with honor.

If this is an official government statement, one that throws dirt upon these veterans and their families then it is a policy that must be changed immediately.

Please contact the Department of Defense, the US Army, your elected officials and demand that this entry be eliminated, or at the least changed.

There is no excuse for such shabby treatment and total disrespect. It is no wonder that veterans do not trust their government. The person or persons responsible for this
backstabbing, kick in the stomach, slap in the face and turning their backs on our veterans should be disciplined.

An apology must be made and made publicly and the time is now. It should be made far and wide in all media sources.

Again contact the DoD, US Army and your elected officials to demand this outrage be rectified immediately.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
"We Remember"