Friday, March 5, 2010

American Cold War Veterans-Military Order of Foreign Wars meeting followup

Dr. Robert Kamansky was admitted as a member of MOFW. The luncheon was well attended by retired officers, several generals and admirals among the group.

The MOFWUS is very much in favor of the Cold War Service Medal, and will join us in
our quest. Their backing could be a very large help in convincing Congress to make
this the year.

Four star General Stultz, commander of all reserve forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was also honored with membership,
and gave a very nice speech thanking the members for what they have done in the past and for their support of the
ongoing conflicts.

Keynote speaker Sprios Manolas, Ph.D. author of "American Arms, Greek Blood" The Greek guerrilla war 1946-1950.
He spoke of the battle against Communism and how the Communist forces were finally defeated; with the help of American advisers and General Van Fleet.

Tuesday afternoon Jerry Terwilliger and Sean Eagan hit Capitol Hill with a vengeance. We stopped in the offices of
several Senators and spoke with staff members. Everyone seemed to be aware of S.2743 and American Cold War
Veterans. All those we spoke to were very much in favor of the bill and promised to bring it up again with their Senator.

We also spent some time talking with Jeff Burdette, Legislative Assistant to the House of Representatives
Subcommittee Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Health. We discussed equal treatment for ALL veterans, regardless
of time or place of service. He stated that the committee is very much aware of the inequity and unfair treatment
of many veterans. He also said "it is something that is being worked on now."

One very touching moment occurred as Sean and I were standing on the sidewalk. We were approached by an Army Major and an Air force Colonel who thanked us for our service. The Major was very interested and much in favor of
the Cold War Service Medal. When I have him my card he said that he had been to the website many times.

On Wednesday I continued the attack hitting several Representative's offices. Again most seemed to be aware
of the H.R. 4051, many of the Representatives were on the fence and almost ready to cosponsor the bill. I also
mentioned H.RES.900 and asked for cosponsor ship. All thought it was a good idea, although one said that "even
as a no cost item" it could still face some opposition.

The offices contacted were Senator Collins, Senator Schumer, Senator Bayh, Senator Lincoln, Senator Gregg, Senator Graham, Senator McCain, Senator Webb, Congresswoman Pingree, Congressman Michaud, Congressman Sestak, Congresswoman Laura Richardson, Congressman John Carter, Congressman Sam Johnson and others.

The MOFW also stated interest in Sean Eagain, myself, Scott L'Ecuyer and Frank Tims becoming members of
their organization. They are 100 per cent in favor of the Cold War Service Medal. In fact they have adopted the Foxfall Cold War Medal as one on their own, and all members are authorized to wear the medal.

Dr. Bob, Sean and I also applied for membership in the Army-Navy Union another very old VSO, which has
also adopted the Foxfall Cold War Medal. Under title 10 members are entitled to wear the medal on their uniforms
and as civilian clothes.

So in all it seemed like we found a lot of support and also that Congressional awareness of American Cold War Veterans is spreading.

Thank you to all of you who have been sending the post cards to your Congressmen/Congresswoman and Senators.
It is helping, keep up the pressure and this could be our year.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc
"We Remember"