Monday, February 16, 2009

When Will It End?

Somethimes life just seems to be too much to handle. The little things just grow
and grow, leaving one to wonder; why even try?

The last three years have been almost unbearable. At 65 I had acute appendicitis
and had to have emergency surgery, the doctor told me later it was starting to
leak; so it could have been a lot worse.

Then my wife had her gall bladder removed, not quite an emergency but she certainly
had to put up with a lot of pain before it was finally removed.

Less than a month later she was operated on for squamus cell cancer. It appears
all was removed and that we thought was it.

Two years ago my mother passed away, she was 92 and had a good life up till the
last year or so. My brothers and sister were all with her at the end. That was
very hard.

My brother, who had been taking care of Mom for 20 years moved in with us for a while. He had visited several times and said that when Mom passed away he would
move here.

Well that did not work out very at all. I found him using my wife's computer looking
at things he should not have been. We asked him to leave and find a place of his own.
He had been living with free room and board, all meals just about anything he wanted.

This caused a huge fight with my sister, who had always looked after him and
fought his battles. She ignored all his short commings, which were many. She said
"its just the way he is".

She had wanted him to stay close to where she lived, instead of a nine hour drive away. She was aware of what he was doing and said nothing. But it was my fault
some how, as she said "I Lose and you win, you throw him out of your house and I
still lose.

Last year I had my gall bladder taken out, then about a month and half later I had
some basal cell carcinoma on my neck removed.

This year my wife found another spot and had it checked and it was squamus cell again. Her doctor removed most of it and she is treating it with an onitment.
Then she had a pap smear that came back with atypical cells.

The oncologist checked it and said it was nothing, and it was fine. He also looked
at the cancer spot and said it looks good, but to continue with the treatment.

On the good side, we have each other, and our love is strong. We also have
4 dogs and 5 cats which keeps us busy. We love our fur babys and the give us back
so much love ahd joy.

I have a great little grandson, a cute happy little boy. Don't get to see him as
much as I would like. It would be a two day drive,and who can afford the gas, or
plane fare.

Our faith is strong and as someone told me one time God may squeeze, but He will
never choke. But he sure can squeeze hard now and then. We just have to put
our faith in Him, and turn our troubles over to Him.

It could be worse!