Thursday, February 5, 2009

POW/MIA's Let's Bring Them Home

On 2/3/2009 Rep. Peter T. King (R-NY3) introduced a bill H. Res. 111 to establish
a Select Committee on POW and MIA Affairs. There were 54 cosponsors to this bill,
and we need more Representatives to sign on as cosponsor.

This bill was introduced last year, with the same H.R. number, and met an untimely
end. It did not make it out of committee and just sat on the table untill the 110th
congress ended.

We can not allow this to happen again this year. This is a very important piece
of legislation that must be passed and acted upon.

The POW/MIA issue is one that The American Cold War Veterans feel to be very
important. Our brothers and sisters must be returned, and as soon as possible.

The United States should demand complete accounting from all countries involved
and the repatration of any and all persons or remains of those who perished.

You might ask how many are still missing, the latest information is:
World War II 78,000 still missing; 20,000 to 30.000 potentially recoverable.
Cold War 126 still missing; 20 potentially recoverable
Korea 8,100 still missing; 5,400 potentially recoverable
Vietnam 1,800 still missing; 1,000 potentially recoverable
1991 Gulf War 3 still missing; 1 potentially recoverable
Somalia 1 missing, believed KIA Body not returned
Gulf War II 3 missing

These POW/MIA are not forgotten, and must not be forgotten and ignored any longer.

What can you do to help? Contact both you Senators and Congressmen/women tell them
the families of the missing deserve to know the truth. They have waited too long.
If you are a family member of a missing military person, I urge you to contact
your service casualty office to find information on how to supply mtDNA samples.
These samples are used to help identify remains that otherwise might not be

For further information on mtDNA visit the Coalition of Families of Korea and Cold
War POW/MIA'S at
Robin Piacine, the president was very instrumental in starting this program; and
has worked non-stop with the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) to bring about
the return of all missing service personnel.

During the recent election campaign Presedint Obama said that he would declassify
as much information as possible. He must be held to that promise.

Jerald Terwilliger
Natinal Vice Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc
"We Remember"