Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today In History

1955: USS Nautilus begins first nuclear powered test voyage.

1961: President Eisenhower warns of "military-industrial complex" saying, "the United States was compelled to create a permanet armaments industry, and a huge military". He also said "the
Cold War made clear the imperative need for this development."

1966: Nuclear armed B-52 and refueling plane collided near Palomares, Spain; 7 dead

1977: US Navy LCM-6 (landing craft) capsized after collision in Barcelona harbor killing 48.

The following were reported "missing in action"
1966: Douglas K Ramsey-released 02/12/73 by PRG
1967: William K. Cogdell- remains ID'd 5/24/94
Alva R. Krogman aircraft shot down over Laos
Frederick J. Wozniak aircraft disappeared, no trace of crew
Gary G. Wright " " " " " "
1968: Robert F. Wilke aircraft crash
1969: Edward J. Fickler aircraft disappeared near Laos/North Vietnam border
Robert J. Kuhlman, Jr. aircraft disappeared
Victor A. Smith aircraft disappeared over Laos
1971: Robert H. Mirrer aircraft shot down and crashed