Friday, January 30, 2009

Are Promises To Be Kept, Or Broken Like So Many Others?

On at least two occasions during the campaign, then Senator Obama(and/or his staff), now President Obama, stated that he would sign legislation creating a Cold War Medal.
"We can never forget the heroic work that our military did during that dangerous
time in our history or let the memory of the real threats America faced from the
Soviet Union fade."

Other points made were:
Recognize the brave people who died in the intelligence community during the Cold War.

Support a day of remembrance for the intelligence community heroes of the Cold War.

Reverse the ban on Priority 8 enrollment, a policy that led the VA to turn away over a million veterans who needed care, and bring all veterans back into the VA.

Fully fund the VA medical care, improve the quality of VA care; fix the Veterans
Benefits Administration; honor veterans with the benefits and services they
have earned, and rebuild and repair our military.

In addittion President Obama has declared he will seek full accounting for all
POW/MIA from all conflicts, including the Cold War. He will declassify as much
information as possible as president.

President Obama also wants to improve Mental Health Care. Recruit more health care
professionals, improve screening, institute fairness by guaranteeing that if someone
is declared fit to serve will not be listed as "pre-existing" conditions.

Improve care for TBI, requite pre and post deployment screenings and improve case

All in all some very lofty ambitions, which sound good on paper. How many of
these goals will be achieved, what will Congress do to help or hinder remains to
be seen.

President Obama is also looking down the barrel of a very widespread and deepening
economic crisis that has to be dealt with. The problems in the middle east that
do not seem to be improving, despite what we are being told.

I for one hope that he an achieve at least some of his goals. America wants change,
just how much will be changed is the big question.

So as the world watches, America waits and prays for his success, our veterans
also wait and watch. Will it happen, or is it just more "smoke blowing"? We hope
for the best, and expect the worst. We have danced this dance before, and came
away with a blank dance card.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Vice Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
"We Remember"