Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Call To Veterans

Did your military tour run between Sept. 1945 thru Dec. 1991? The period know as
the "Cold War", it was an undeclared war; a battle to help stop the spread of Communism.

The Soviet Union and the United States both built large military complexes, and
very large stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Each side trying to outdo the other.

The US had military spread around the world, ground forces just a few miles from
Communists forces. SAC bombers in the air 24/7, ships at sea, and under the ocean
surface. Missile silos manned and ready.

The Soviets followed suit with bombers, ships and submarines, ground troops and
their missile sites. They were never very far from where the US forces were.

The Soviet Union finally began to fall apart; their captive nations wanted independence, they were spending so much money on their military the economy began
to faltr.

The Berlin Wall built by the Soviet Union started construction on August 13, 1961 to contain the citizens of East Germany within their control, and prevent them from
gaining freedom in West Germany. On November 8, 1989 the check points were opened
and German citizens from both sides began to demolish the wall.

German unification was finally was finally concluded on Oct. 3, 1990 and with one
Germany the Soviet Union was suffering badly as internal problems continued.

Finally on Dec. 25, 1991 Gorbachev resigned and declared the Soviet Union extinct.
Bringing an end to the Cold War.

Now our Veterans Service Organization, The American Cold War Veterans, dedicated to
the history of the Cold War, and attempting to preserve and make the public aware
of what happened and why; are asking for your help.

We are attempting to convince Congress to authorize and direct the Department of
Defense to issue a Cold War Service Medal to those who served during this trying
and stressful era. We are also working towards the establishment and building of
a memorial dedicated to the Forgotten Heroes of the Cold War. Another goal is
a National Day of Remembrance for the Cold War.

We need the help of everyone to accomplish this goal. We are asking that youj
contact your elected officals, ask them to introduce legislation, or become a
cosponser, that would establish a Cold War Service Medal.

Please visit our webite at and you can also
see our message forum at

Many lives were lost during the Cold War, which included Korea, Vietnam, Congo,
Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama. Our planes were shot from the sky by Communist forces, our ships were attacked, and two submarines sank with all hands on board.

It is to honor all those who gave their all, paid the ultimate sacrifice of their
lives to protect our freedom that we are asking for this medal. They deserve the
the recognition, and it is way past time for them to be remembered.

Forty six years of Cold War, and seventeen years since the end of the Cold War, twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall let this be the year it happens.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Vice Chairman/Treasurer
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"Did