Wednesday, January 26, 2011

USS Liberty-Listen to two survivors

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Episode: EPISODE141 - Phillip Tourney and Ron Kukal 
Phillip and Ron, two crew members of the USS Liberty, will be on tonight. Phil will talk about his recent book 'What I Saw That Day' and other matters related to Israel and the United States. 
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Personal Message from the Host:
Do you think you know most everything about the USS Liberty? After reading 'What I saw that Day,' I guarantee that you do not. You cannot imagine what happened to the Liberty Crew members for decades after June 8, 1967.....and still that the Liberty Investigation never takes place. Israel is NOT our friend, nor are they friends to any other nation. PLEASE SEND THIS INTERVIEW ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL AMERICANS YOU KNOW.

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Date: Thu, January 27, 2011 
Time: 08:00 PM EST 

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