Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maine Veterans Drives License/ID Card

Effective July 18, 2011 the State of Maine will begin issuing Drives License and Non Drivers ID Card
especially for active military and veterans. This makes Maine one of the few states to offer this, once
again showing that Maine is in the forefront, other states are considering a veterans/military ID.

The new license will have a field of stars in the background to designate a veteran or active duty

This will help veterans to receive special discounts and honors.  Many stores and restaurants of 10 percent or more discount to military/veterans.

You will no longer have to carry a copy of your DD-214 to prove you are a veteran.

To apply you will need to go to the nearest BMV office and provide a copy of your DD-214 or other
proof of service, such as orders or travel papers for active duty personnel.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"

---------------- "And so the greatest of American triumphs... became a peculiarly joyless victory. We had won the Cold War, but there would be no parades." -- Robert M. Gates, 1996