Saturday, September 25, 2010

Members of Congress want President Obama to FREE Johnathan Pollard

The man who was a spy for Israel against the U.S. stealing secret information and committed one of
most serious national security compromises in history now has several members of Congress that
want President Obama to grant him a pardon.

Pollard was sentenced to life in prison, but now it is claimed that his release would help advance peace
talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

From Veterans Today

To me this makes no sense at all. A spy that could have changed the course of the Cold War, and who
gave away, or I should say sold, secrets that were very vital to America should stay locked up for the entire term of his sentence.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"

---------------- "And so the greatest of American triumphs... became a peculiarly joyless victory. We had won the Cold War, but there would be no parades." -- Robert M. Gates, 1996