Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is June 6th

Who remembers what happened today June 6, 1944?

Another piece of history that is not mentioned, and often forgotten. I am not sure
if this is even in the history books being used today.

D Day or the Battle of Normanday was the largest sea-born invasion in history. Almost
3 million troops crossed the English Channel to engage the Germans in occupied France.

It began with overnight massive bombings, parachute and glider landings and naval bombardments. Then at dawn on June 6th, the huge amphibious landings started.

A fleet of over 6,000 vessels carrying men and equipment with 4,000 smaller landing vessels, and over 11,000 aircraft. Crossed the 100 miles to face the heavily defended

As night fell over 100.000 allied forces had made it ashore and had secured several
coastal French towns.

By June 30th over 57,000 allied serviceman had given their lives fighting German forces
at the Battle of Normandy.

It had been over nine centuries since a landing had crossed the English Channel. It
was a very costly event which dealt a large blow to Germany and gave the allies
a foothold in France that allowed them to spread even further.

Let us never forget. We must always remember those who went before us, and in whose
footsteps we follow.Those who serve today, and the ones in future generations.

Liberty and freedom always come with a price, a price that is
too high; any loss of life leaves more that just a small footprint. It helps to shape
the world.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"