Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cold War Service Medal

As a followup to my posting regarding the Cold War Service Medal in the NDAA 2011
I put in a link to the press release but I should have also included the link
to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

We need the support of the committee to ensure that the medal does not get removed
during the House/Senate conference meetings.

If you use this it will take you to the committee web page.
From there you can click on each members name this will take you to their website.
from there look for the link to send an email. You will have to include your name
and address in the form. Send a simple message such as this:
The Honorable(senator's name)
Washington, Dc

Dear Senator

I want to thank you for the provision placed in the NDAA 2011 to authorize a Cold War
Service Medal. This is a well deserved and long awaited honor to all who served
honorably during the Cold War.

I ask two things, if you have not yet become a cosponsor to bill S.2743 please do so.
Also please do everything in your power to ensure that the medal does not get removed
from the NDAA during the Senate/House conference meetings.

I look forward to hearing any thoughts or comments you might have on this issue.


(your name)

You can write your own message and say what you think best.

Then also go to both of your senators pages and send a letter asking them to cosponsor
S.2743 and vote for passage of the NDAA 2011.

Thank you one and all, we need your help to get this done this year.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
"We Remember"