Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why wait any longer for a Cold War Medal?

Cold War Veterans getting gray and balding, wrinkles showing.
We might have put on a few pounds since last time we wore our uniform.
We still have the gleam in our eyes, though eyesight might be dim

Our memories may not be as sharp and when we were growing
But we know we stood the line, around the world always at the ready.
We were there
To fight the Bear

We pledged our country to protect
Gave our best, many gave their lives
We saw our friends, flying missions, get shot from the sky
Ships attacked, and even captured

Who knows the true story of the USS Scorpion, USS Liberty, USS Pueblo?
Our troops on the ground harassed and attacked
Deep underground in missile silos, far out in the field with nuclear weapons
Things we still can not talk about, even to family
Our secrets will go with us and no one will know

We ask now for a little honor, to be remembered
1991 saw the collapse of the Soviet Union
It was the end of the Cold War
So here we are in 2010 still forgotten, ignored, and disrespected

We have tried for years to bring honor to our friends and fellow veterans
This could be the year if Congress and DoD can only agree
In the Senate is a bill S.2743 The Cold War Service Medal Act 2009
In the House is a companion bill H.R. 4051 with the same name

Also in the House is another bill to bring recognition and respect
H.RES.900 This would designate May 1 as Cold War Veterans Recognition Day
You can help stop our nation's neglect
Show our all our Cold Warriors our country does remember come what may

How you ask can you assist our quest
The answer is quite simple
Contact both your Senators, ask them to cosponsor S.2743
Contact your Congressperson ask them to cosponsor H.R.4051 and H.RES.900

Do it now!
Do it often!
Show these veterans they are the best.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.