Friday, February 19, 2010

Show Respect to Our Flag

I for one am sick and tired of people not showing respect to our flag and the National Anthem.

I have watched so many times during the playing of the National Anthem people not paying due respect.

Take off your hat! Place your hand over your heart! It is not a hard thing to do. Stop
talking and laughing with those around you. You can stop drinking your beer for the few
minutes it takes.

I think it should be impressed upon the sports stars to do this. They make a big impression on everyone.

For a young person to watch these so called heroes standing
around, not only not honoring the National Anthem, but most times not even looking in
the direction of the flag is not a good example.

This is the flag that we as veterans fought to protect, to keep our land free. One flag,
one country, one nation.

Veterans do not receive the respect they deserve to begin with. When you disrespect the
flag you might as well punch a veteran in the face.

Now veterans are permitted to "render a Hand Salute" to the flag So if you see someone saluting the flag remember what they sacrificed, stand tall beside them and honor the
flag in the manner you were taught: silence, hand over heart and think of those who
gave their lives to protect you.

Shame on those who think the flag and the National Anthem are not deserving of a little
respect. If you can not respect the flag, how can you respect a veteran?

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
"We Remember"