Sunday, March 22, 2009

If Not Now, Then When?

To continue to ignore our Cold War Veterans, who fought to defeat Communism for 46 years
is a disgrace.

Our Soliders, Sailors, Marines, Army, Coast Guard were on watch 24/7, ready for what might
happen; something we all prayed would not occur. And it did not happen, we looked them
in the eye and they blinked.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Germany was reunified in 1990. The Soviet Empire collapsed
in 1991. America had won the Cold War.

Some people may say that it was not a war and no lives were lost, that is untrue
"Many Americans died in operations that remain, even to this day, unacknowledged, entailing heroism and loss that have yet to be revealed to a grateful nation. We should remember and honor those whose sacrifices brought about a victorious conclusion to the Cold War, to the enormous betterment of the United States and the world. "
- Dr. Donald C. Winter, Secretary of Navy, October 21, 2006 -

The Department of Defense does not want to issue a "Cold War Victory/Service Medal"
DOD claims the cost would be to high - to which we say their figures are overblown.
DOD also says it would be duplication of awards-also untrue, many served their tour of
duty and did not receive any type of award.

This should be the year to remember, recognize and honor these valient Cold Warriors. A Cold
War Victory/Service Medal should be given to every man and woman who served in the
military from Sept. 1945 to Dec. 1991.

Contact your elected officials, ask them to introduce or cosponsor a Cold War Victory/Service
Medal, and then to vote for passage of such a bill.

The Cold War Veterans are growing older, and fewer; as the grim reaper takes his toll. One
day not too far in the future there will be no one left. Perhaps that is what Congress and DOD
are waiting for.

We are told by some that we are not "veterans". We put our lives on hold, donned the uniform of
our branch of the service; were placed in dangerous places and defended our country. Does
that not make us "veterans"?

So we ask if not now, then when will our country finally recognize, remember, and honor
these selfless heroes?

Tell our Congress that this must be the year. Do in now.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Vice Chairman
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"