Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Hands of Time Move On

The National Defense Authorization Act 2010 is in markup being prepared right now.
Congress, still busy with the stimulus plan; and the AIG mess is also continuing other

It is our fervrent hope that this year the NDAA will include provision for a Cold War Victory/Service Medal. If we can convince both the Senate and the House to add the medal
we will most likely finally reach our first goal.

If the medal is not included in the NDAA (and right now there is no mention of it), then we
must start the second prong of the attack. Actually, we should start both right now.

Contact all the members of the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Armed Services Committee. I know that a lot of the senators and representative will give you
the standard reply " I can only answer and react to people from my state/districk. But
someone on their staff will have to read it, and maybe if the see a lot of requests they will
bring it up at a meeting. Ask them to please include provision for a Cold War Victory/Service

At the same time contact all of your state's elected officials to ask them to
introduce legislation for this medal; or ask them to cosponsor a bill introduced by
another member of Congress.

Email, snail mail, phone, fax, knock on their door keep up the fire and push push push. Tell them
how you feel, and what we want.

I hope to see a large turnout for our meeting in Washington, DC on April 30,

Then join us for a Congressional breakfast in the Hart Office Building. Try to make arrangements now (they need some advance notice) they would like the "face time",
to visit with your Senators and Representatives following the breakfast.

Then we will proceed to Arlington National to hold services for the Forgotten Heroes Of The
Cold War. Which will include placing flowers on some of the gaves of the brave men.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Vice Chairman
American Cold War Veteans
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and for our message forum