Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Purple Heart Homes to help veterans in North Carolina

STATESVILLE, N.C., Jun 18, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Purple Heart Homes will participate in the Second Annual Veterans on Wall Street Conference and Job Fair Thursday, June 21 at Cipriani Atrium, 55 Wall Street to discuss housing solutions with interested Service Connected Disabled Veterans ( www.purplehearthomesusa.org )
"Many veterans with a Service Connected Disabilities might find a job that requires relocation or they may need help with adaptations to their existing home" said Dale Beatty, Co-founder of Purple Heart Homes. "We offer three housing programs for Veterans with a 10 percent to one hundred percent VA disability rating," Beatty added.
Purple Heart Homes, a non-profit organization based in Statesville, NC has three programs for Service Connected Disabled Veterans:
-- Veterans New Home Program - provides pre-engineered homes and financing on land the veteran already owns or the organization works with the veteran to find a site where the veteran wants to live.
-- Veterans Home Owners Program - created for returning Iraq and Afghanistan Service Connected Disabled Veterans is a hand up not a hand out. Purple Heart Homes receives gifted foreclosed homes that are adapted for each veteran's disability. The veteran pays a mortgage at 50% of the current home market value.
-- Veterans Aging in Place Program created to help older veterans who own their own home by making bathrooms accessible, hallways and doorways wider and putting in ramps where steps have become obstacles.
Interested veterans should apply online at www.purplehearthomesusa.org to fill out a brief application. They must provide proof of service with their DD214 and their VA disability rating.
"We don't leave our injured veterans behind on the battlefield. We should not leave them behind at home," said John Gallina Co-founder of Purple Heart Homes.
Dale Beatty and John Gallina enlisted in the North Carolina National Guard when they were 17 years old. During their service to our nation, both Beatty and Gallina responded to calls from the Governor to help victims of Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Floyd. The experience provided both of them with a sense of mission and real commitment to community. They responded again to the call of duty from former President Bush to defend our country against terrorism during Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were both 25 years old at the time.
On November 15, 2004 the vehicle they were riding in hit an anti tank mine that exploded leaving Beatty a double amputee below the knees and Gallina with severe back injuries, TBI and PTSD.
Today the two combat wounded veterans remain on a mission to provide housing solutions for service connected disabled veterans through Purple Heart Homes the non-profit they co-founded in 2008.
To learn more go to www.purplehearthomesusa.org or call 855-PURPLE 9
To apply for housing solution click on 'application for assistance.'
SOURCE: Purple Heart Homes

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