Friday, February 3, 2012

Veterans for Weed United Still Using POW/MIA Logo

Veterans for Weed have changed their name a little. Originally their name Veterans for Weed and using the acronym  "VFW" they are now called Veterans for Weed United and VFWU.

Of course VFW is a copyright owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. A cease-and-desist order to the Milwaukee based organization, which did alter their name slightly.

What is most outrageous about this group and their website: They have taken the POW/MIA logo
and changed it to suit their thoughts on "weed".

This logo shows "Pot Pow" and includes a soldier smoking a joint, with the words "stoner soldier"

It is true that the POW/MIA logo is not covered under copyright laws, which the originators
failed to do, thus it is in the public domain.

But this misuse is an insult to those who are still missing, and most offensive to their families.
This is an outrage and a direct disrespect to anyone who ever wore the uniform of our country.
They should be ashamed of the blatant disregard of the feelings of our heroes who have not yet
returned home.

Is this a way to show respect and honor for our missing? Those we have promised "we will
never forget." Most assuredly not.

VFWU should be forced to change this abomination and they way to do that is to inundate them
with letter and emails telling them to cease-and-desist. You can find their deplorable site
here to place you complaints.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"

---------------- "And so the greatest of American triumphs... became a peculiarly joyless victory. We had won the Cold War, but there would be no parades." -- Robert M. Gates, 1996