Saturday, November 19, 2011

Telephone Support For Veterans Spouses To Be Expanded

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric K. Shineski has announced that telephone support program
designed for the spouses of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan will be expanded.

The program which focuses on communication and problem solving has shown to reduce stress, and
spouses join support groups in a 12 sessions over a 6 month period.

Secretary Shineski said "Returning to civilian life after living in constant combat readiness can be
a shocking transition, and it is the immediate family, the spouses and children, who bear that
brunt of that transition with those who served." Shineski went on to say "The more support we
can provide to the family, the better the outcome will be for our Veterans."

Based on research by VA researchers Dr. Linda Nichols and Dr. Jennifer Martindale-Adams,
of the Memphis VA Medical Center and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

The program is part of the VA Caregiver Support Program. The Caregiver Support Line
phone number is 1-855-260-3274.

More information on the Caregiver Support Program please go to the main website

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