Tuesday, September 13, 2011

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

The third Friday of each September, this year Sept. 16th is designated as National POW/MIA
Recognition Day. A somber day to recognize and remember those who never came home.
It is also a day of hope for the return of those still missing in action.

We all know the POW/MIA Flag, a black flag with the words "POW/MIA" across the top
with a circular picture of a mans bowed head shown in silhouette, shown in the background is
a guard tower and barbed wire; and underneath the words "You Are Not Forgotten."

The flag was designed by Newt Heisley, a pilot in WWII. He never applied for a patent or
copyright and did not receive any royalties from his heart stirring creation.

National POW/MIA Recognition Day was established on July 18th 1979, and for several years
was held on various days of the year. In 1986 The National League of Families suggested that
the third Friday in September be used, since that date was not associated with any war, or at the
same time as any organizations' annual meeting or convention.

The following is a list of the POW/MIA from wars in which Americans placed their lives on the line
War of the Revolution             POW-18,182      MIA-1,426
War of 1812                             POW-20,000     MIA-695
Mexican War                           POW-46             MIA-238
Indian Wars (US)                    POW-339           MIA-11
Indian Wars (Native
American)                               POW-2,958         MIA-40
Civil War (Union)                   POW/MIA-197,793
Civil War (Confederate)          POW/MIA-214,865
Spanish American War            POW-8                MIA-72
World War I                             POW/MIA-7,470
World War II                            POW-124,079      MIA-30,314
Cold War                                  POW-Classified    MIA-343
Korean War                              POW-7,140          MIA-8.025
Vietnam War                            POW-766             MIA-1,719
USS Pueblo                              POW-83
Grenada                                                                 MIA-4
USS Stark                                                              MIA-1
Persian Gulf War                     POW-29                MIA-21
Somalia                                    POW-6                 MIA-2
Yugoslavia                                POW-3

I am sorry I do not have the figures for Iraq and Afghanistan at this time. If anyone has information
please supply it.

***Please notice that the Cold War lists still show POW as Classified. How strange that the government
does not release this information. And still DOD says it was "not a war" and refuses to issue
a Cold War Medal. The only war that does not have a medal to honor those who served. ***
This wrong must be corrected, and this should be the year, the 20th anniversary of the end of
the Cold War. A war that we WON.

At the present time there is a Resolution in the House: H.Res 111 to Establish a Select Committee
on POW/MIA Affairs with 99 cosponsors. Please contact your Representative ask them to
cosponsor H.RES. 111 and vote for passage when it reaches the House Floor.

Our country must demand a full and complete accounting from the countries involved on ALL
those who are still missing in action.

We must never forget! Bring them home and give closure to the families and loved ones still
waiting for information on their loved ones.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans
"We Remember"

---------------- "And so the greatest of American triumphs... became a peculiarly joyless victory. We had won the Cold War, but there would be no parades." -- Robert M. Gates, 1996