Sunday, March 27, 2011

U.S. Navy Names New Littoral Combat Ships

An announcement by Secretary of the Navy Ray Maybus said that the two new Littoral Combat
Ships (LCS) will be named USS Montgomery and USS Jackson.

The ships will be built by Austal Shipbuilding in Mobile, Alabama.

The Navy is using a dual block buy of the ships. Using both the semiplaning monohull by Lockheed
Martin and the aluminum trimaran by General Dynamic. With this method the Navy can stabilize
the LCS program with an award of 20 ships. It will also increase the ship procurement rate to support
operational requirements; sustain competition and enhance foreign military sales.

Both platforms meet the Navy's LCS requirements, but the to designs provide for operational

A fast, agile combatant the LCS provides the operational flexibility to execute focused missions
close to shore such as anti-submarine, mine warfare, and surface warfare.

The ships will be 416 feet long, with a beam of 103 feet, weighing approximately 3,000 tons and
have a speed of of more than 40 knots.

The USS Jackson (LCS 6), named in honor of the state capital Jackson, Miss; is the first ship to
use this name.

The USS Mobile (LCS 8) is the second ship to bear the name of the capital city of Mobile, Ala.

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