Saturday, May 1, 2010

American Cold War Veterans Meeting in DC Followup

The American Cold War Veterans held their annual meeting on Wednesday, April 28th in
Washington, DC.

The meeting went very well, with about 30 people in attendance. It was a big day on the Hill with some important votes being taken, which sad to say prevented any Senator or Representative to attend. Congressman Israel sent a letter, read by a member of his staff expressing his regrets and voicing once again his strong support for our organization and our goals.

We did have in attendance Ms. K. J. Lee, President of Global Trade and Finance, along with several members of her corporation. Ms. Lee was 6 years old when the North Koreans invaded the South, and has strong feelings for all Cold War Veterans.

Ms. Lee provided several bottles of Korean Alkaline Water, and indicated she would like to connect our group with her water distribution.

Dr. Lee Edwards gave a very inspiring speech during which paid tribute to those who lost their lives during the Cold War. Dr. Edwards was very expressive about how those lives should be honored and not forgotten.

Dr. Edwards as a Distinguished Fellow of the Heritage Foundation, and Chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and Chairman of the Global Museum on Communism. Dr. Edwards expressed his total belief in our goals; and offered the support of his organization and it's legislative personnel to help persuade Congress
to authorize our medal.

Military Order of Foreign Wars of the US Senior Vice Commander General, Major Wulf Lindeneau US Army(Ret)also spoke quite rivetingly on the Cold War. He also offered the full support of his organization, and also indicated that the Army-Navy Union is also in favor of our medal.

A vote was taken and approved by all present to adopt the Foxfall Cold War Medal as our official medal. We can wear this medal to meetings, parades and other functions. The only exception would be for active duty personnel,
who would not be allowed to wear the medal on their uniform.

More information will be posted shortly on pricing and how to order this medal

ACWV Secretary Al Lepine, Don Levesque, Maj. Lindeneau and I had a meeting with Senator Snowe and Joe Sixeas her National Security Advisor; who has been very helpful to our cause. During this meeting Senator Snowe expressed her total support of all veterans. Senator Snowe was very pointed in remarks that Senator Webb
will attempt to insert a provision for the medal in the NDAA2011. Senator Snowe said "you will get the medal,
Senator Snowe does not take NO for an answer".

We adjourned to Arlington National Cemetery, and unfortunately the planned Color Guard from Georgetown
University did not arrive as planned; so we had to do without our usual posting of the Colors.

Dr. David Clevenger provided us with a very touching ceremony. Ernie Gallo spoke very thoughtfully and heartfelt
about the attack on the USS Liberty. He also spoke of the search for the TRUTH, his organization, our brother group
The USS Liberty Association, has been attempting for so many years to find. We ended with the ringing of a bell
21 times to stimulate a 21 gun salute.

We then broke into small groups to place flowers on the graves of some of the Forgotten Heroes of the Cold War.
These flowers were presented with military honors and a hand salute.

Thursday ACWV National Membership Director Scott L'Ecuyer and I have a very good meeting with Alison Hamilton,
Legislative Fellow (and an active duty Major) for Congresswoman Niki Tsongas. Alison listened very intently and
expressed her support for our goals. She said she would do a little more reading and research and then write a report to Congresswoman Tsongas to support and cosponsor the bill H.R. 4051

We also had a meeting with Brian Miller, National Security Advisor for Senator Judd Gregg. Brian listened to
our presentation and said he would report to Senator Gregg our views.

Side trips were taken to Ft. Myer adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery, the National Security Archives at George Washington University,where more information concerning the USS Liberty is available and was provided to the members of the USS Liberty Association.

We also took time to visit various memorials on the Mall to pay our respects to all who have given their lives to protect our country, and preserve our freedom. As we all know
"Freedom Is Not Free".

In addition the board of directors met with Steve McCurdy, author of "The Whiteman Affair"(to be renamed "Missiles Rising"). Steve was a Missile launch officer and has
written a tale of "what could have been".

Mr. McCurdy is also planning a movie based on his book. A fact based fiction of
the possible launch of our missiles at the Soviet Union.

More important Steve
also wants to produce a series of television documentaries titled "Give The Guy A Medal",

In this series, each week a Cold War Veteran would be interviewed about his
experiences during the Cold War. At the conclusion of each show a Cold War Medal would
be bestowed by a dignitary upon the veteran.

This is an excellent opportunity to help spread the word, and remind the country of just how important, and at times stressful the Cold War really was. To give a veteran
the chance to tell his story. A very worthy project, one we feel is something very
much needed.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
"We Remember"