Friday, December 4, 2009

U.S. Cold War Veterans Not The Only Ones Seeking Recognition

Here in the U.S. we have been trying for 17 years to gain recognition and a Cold War
Medal, without success.

We are not alone in our quest, other governments do not want to remember the Cold War
and the sacrifices made by veterans.

Our friends and brothers and sisters in arms in Canada have been struggling for years also. This year a bill was introduced to create a Defence of Canada Medal to Honor
Cold War Veterans. Introduced by MP Carol Hughes, see the men and women who protected
Canada receive a medal to recognize their service.

"This Act represents the hard work of one of my constituents, retired Captain Ulrich Krings of Elliot Lake, who presented me with his proposal to have a medal struck to honour the men and women who served in the Defence of Canada during the Cold War,” said Hughes.

Veterans in Great Britain have been working for years to get a National Defence Medal issued, but no luck there either. Veterans Minister Kevan Jones “not appropriate” to award a National Defence Medal to our proud sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen for protecting the nation since the Second World War.

Likewise our fellow veterans in Holland have been denied a medal, and are still seeking justice.

Russia has a "commemorative Cold War Medal" (We also have several different "commemorative medals" sold by private vendors.

Several states here in the U.S. have broached the subject, but it usually gets defeated. At present Louisiana has a Cold War Medal for their National Guard, and
Alaska has issued a Cold War Ribbon to its National Guard.

That is the extent of recognition currently extended to Cold War Veterans. I would say very pathetic and downright neglectful of veterans.

Possibly things will change this year. Contact both of your senators, urge them to
become cosponsors for bil S.2743 The Cold War Medal Act 2009.

Contact your Representative urge them to cosponsor H.R. 4051 The Cold War Medal Act
2009 This is a sister bill to the bill in the senate.
Also ask for cosponsor ship of
H.RES.CON 207 Expressing the sense of the Congress regarding the victory of the United States in The Cold War and the Fall of the Berlin Wall.
H.RES 900 Supporting the goals and ideals of a Cold War Veterans Recognition Day to honor the sacrifices and contributions made by members of the Armed Forces during the Cold War and encouraging the people of the United States to participate in local and national activities honoring the sacrifices and contributions of those individuals.
This bill would designate May 1 as Cold War Veterans Recognition Day.

Lets bring to an end this long time disregarding and disrespecting of our veterans.
A small Thank You from our country would be greatly appreciated by all.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans, Inc.
"We Remember"