Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wende Museum and Wall Project

As mentioned previously stated the city of Los Angeles in conjunction with the Wende Museum, The Federal Republic of Germany Counsle in Los Angeles, and the city of Berlin are recreating a page of history.

There are several pieces of the Berlin Wall now along Wilshire Blvd in LA as part of the Wall Project, a commemoration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

On Nov. 8th (Nov. 9th in Germany), a wall will be built across Wilshire Blvd to remain in place for
three hours. This will then be ceremoniously demolished at the same time as an enactment
with Los Angeles sister city Berlin. This is the 20th anniversary of the historic event: the Fall
of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of East and West Berlin.

One of our founding members, Dr. Robert Komansky, who has worked tirelessly and selflessly
in our cause of the Cold War Medal will be in attendance as a representative of the American
Cold War Veterans, Inc.

On Monday Oct. 19th Dr. Bob had a very nice meeting the the Consul General Wolgang Drautz, and took part in a ceremony at the 8 section wall along Wilshire Blvd.

Following that Dr. Bob went to the Los Angeles Veterans Cemetery where he placed 24
flowers on the graves of Cold War Veterans. He also had a meeting with the Director of the Los Angeles area VA, Donna M. Beiter.

On Wednesday our great Dr. Bob had a meeting with Cristina Cuevas-Wolf, Public Programs
Manager for the Wende Museum.

It is our hope that we can have Dr. Bob invited to a spot on the VIP stage as our representative.
We just might get some media exposure for our cause. Some attention to the American Cold
War Veterans.

Dr. Kamansky has been working for years and doing a lot travel talking to people about our
organization and the Cold War Medal. He deserves our thanks, so Bravo Zulu Dr. Bob.

Jerald Terwilliger
National Chairman
American Cold War Veterans,