Sunday, September 13, 2009

Venezuela to get Russian Missiles and Tanks

During his visit to Russia it appears Hugo Chavez made some great deals.

In addition to at least 100 T-70 and T-90 tanks valued at over $500 Million that President Medevdev said were being sold to Venezuela other arms will be sold as well.

Chavez says that Venezuela will be receiving short range missiles.

"Soon some little rockets are going to be arriving," he said at the presidential palace. "They can fly 300 kms. And they don't miss their targets."

"We are not going to attack anybody, these are just defense tools, because we are going to defend our country from any threat, wherever it may come from," he went on. "We need to increase our defense potential," he said. "A blockade is closing in around us."

I believe that the intention is to attempt to stop Colombia from allowing the U.S. from building a military base in the neighboring country.

The US wants this base to help in the fight against drugs. Chavez claims that the base will be used to further American interests in South America, and possibly an attempt against Venezuela.

As Russia continues to reach out to other countries they are also looking towards Asia notably India and Pakistan.

After Putin's speech warning against attacks on Iran one has to wonder how much power he actually gave up to Medvedev.

Jerald Terwilliger, Chairman

American Cold War Veterans, Inc.