Friday, April 17, 2009

Pentagon to buy Russian helicopters.

Ok so last week Secretary of Defense Gates to the armed services to cut their budgets,
big cuts in military spending; Air Force, Army etc..

So now news from Russia says that the Pentagon will by Russian Helicopters for use in Iraq.
How does this help our country?

Pentagon buys 22 Mi-17 helicopters from Russia for Iraq operations
1 Apr, 12:46 PM

Pentagon has signed a $80.6 million contract with Aeronautical Radio Incorporated to have 22 multi-purpose Mi-17ST helicopters purchased from Russia and equipped for US Army operations in Iraq, Itar Tass reported Tuesday.

The helicopters will be manufactured at the Russian Ulan-Ude helicopter plant. They will then be transported to the Robins Air Base in Georgia, US, and have additional equipment fitted. Each machine is to cost approximately $2.4 million.

The contract is to be fulfilled by September, 2010.

The Mi-17/171 helicopter is capable of carrying troops and cargo for air assault of infantry troops, special force team insertion and support to ground troops. The Mi-8 helicopters in the Russian army and many other countries have also often been used for conducting armed attacks and providing close air support with unguided rockets and machine guns. The Mi-17s can be fitted with external weapon pylons similar to those used by the Russian army. External stores are mounted on weapons racks on each side of the fuselage, with a total of six hardpoints.

In 2007-2008 Iraqi armed forces reportedly bought several batches of Mi-17.