Sunday, December 28, 2008

Are You A Cold War Veteran?

We are the ignored "Cold Warriors", we served our tours during the Cold Warsrom Sept. 1945 to Dec. 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

I would like to invite all those who served during this period to join the American Cold War Veterans.We are a VSO dedicated to researching and preserving the history of the Cold War.

One of our goals is to convince Congress to authorize and direct DOD to issue a Cold WarVictory Medal to everyone who served honorably durng the Cold War.Another goal, a long term goal, is to have a memorial dedicated to the Cold War errected inWashington, DC.

Please visit our website at www.americancoldwarvets.orgour message forum at our membership page at

Join us in our quest to honor all veterans of the Cold War, most especially those who paid theultimate sacrifice, laid down their lives to protect freedom and America.

There was a bill in the Senate, S.1097 The Cold War Medal that got as far as the Senate Armed ServicesCommittee, where it lay there gathering dust. Unfortunately it never got out of committee. So another year passes that we are ignored.

Now that the elections are over and Congress is in recess until January, we have to start again witha push, a large push. Everyone please write, call, fax your senators and represeentatives. Ask them toplease introduce legislation to direct DOD to issue a Cold War Victory Medal. Have it included in theNational Defense Authorization Act 2009, or to introduce a stand alone bill.

The Cold War Veterans of our country deserve to be recognized and remembered for their honorable anddistingushed service to the United States. Those who gave their lives to protect American, and thedefeat of Communism.

You were there, youy know the truth, even if the general public thnks it was "peace time" andnothing happened. No shots were fired is something we hear very often, but it is not true. Lives were lost,there are still MIA/POW's that need to be accounted for.
Thank you to all veterans of every era, our current military, and those to come who will carry onthe tradition.

Jerald Terwilliger
Vice ChairmanAmerican Cold War Veterans